This is Rascal our oldest Silky.  He looks like a Silky Terrier is supposed to unlike Chance our other dog.  Rascal is a handsome little dog and he knows it!  Just look at that attitude!

Yes, we like Silkys!  If you have not heard of Silky Terriers, they are rambunctious little balls of energy that are pure terrier through and through.  No, they are not Yorkies!  As I write this, it is Halloween night and the little terrors are climbing the walls trying to get to the trick-or-treaters.  You would think they were going to tear the poor little kids to shreds.  Actually they might.  Rascal does not like kids!  Silkys have an incredible amount of personality but they are not for everyone.  The are stubborn with a capital 'S'!  Because of that they can be a little hard to train.  But they are very smart.