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Carpeting has been installed. The carpet actually matches the walls better than the picture shows. The flash affects the colors.


Carpet - Hall

Carpet - Hall

This is also the hall looking toward the threater entrance

Step Lights

To keep people from falling in the dark, step lights have been added. These are side-light fiber placed inside clear tubing which is inside rope light channel. The are held in place by high strength velcro which sticks to the carpet nicely.

Step Lights

The light comes from blue LEDs. They are powered by a nine volt power supply. The home controller turns them on and off automatically when the theater is activated.

Front View

The nearly completed theater. Just touch ups to do now. Like get a center table.

Rear View

In this picture you can clearly see that the emergency exit door on the right has been painted to match the walls so it mostly disappears. The door to the media room in the hall was also painted to match the walls.

Rear Corner

The lounge chars in front are slightly green. We already had them from our previous house. They actually match much better than the pictures show. Eventually they will be replaced with black ones.

Front Corner

In the left and right front corners are panels made of foam core and painted to match the walls. They hide cables and carry the mountain motif all the way to the screen.


There is seating for a total of eight people. The front row are the lounge chars. The second and thrid rows are these great chairs I got for $79 each. The have ottomans and recline. Very comfortable.