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Front Speaker Stand

These are the wall brackets that act as front side speaker stands. Recognize them? They are wall mounted TV stands.

Center Speaker and Sub

Center Speaker Shelf

The center speaker sits on a shelf just below the screen. This works very well. The shelf and brackets were painted black.

Rear Speakers

I have a 7.1 surround setup. These are the rear speakers. All of the speakers are Klipsh.

Side Spearkers

The side speakers. Wiring for the speakers was put in when the house was built with speaker terminal blocks set in the wall.

Projector Mount

The projector mount is a DIY built similar to plans I found on a web forum.

(This mount and projector have now been replaced. See later in the gallery.)

Projector Mount

The spring and wing nut setup allows you to adjust the projector so the image is square to the screen.

Projector Mount

No cable management in place yet.

Projector Mount

This is my old projector, a Panasonic PT-L300U. It has been replaced with a Panasonic AE900U which, thankfully, has the same mounting configuration.

(Yet another projector upgrade. The AE900U has since been replaced with a AE1000U.)