They have started putting down the Eon decking. What little is done looks really good.


HVAC crew has started on the vents in the master bedroom but the one in front of the door is not right. It has to be moved. Otherwise, we won't be able to put down a door mat; it would be partly over the vent.

Theater Ceiling

Unfortunately, a lot of plumbing and duct work had to go below the joists in the theater room ceiling. There just wasn't much choice. So the ceiling in the theater will have to be lower than planned.

Theater Ceiling

This is looking back the other way at the duct that runs from the theater into the hall. It is going to the master bedroom vents that were in a previous picture. You can see the can light hanging there that was in the way. I was not happy about that and complained to our builder.


They have finished the brick work on the first monument. They just need to put on the cap stones and the plaque in the front when they come in. I like it!

Theater Ceiling

This is the next day. Now the duct has been fixed so it jogs over and the light is back where it belongs (well close, it needs to be centered better).

Theater Ceiling

Even more duct work in the theater ceiling. This is going to the media room (got to cool all those A/V components).

Game Room Celing

They also had to put a duct below the joists in the game room. There was no other way for them to get the ducts to the four vents that have to be in the great room above. But as you can see, they used flex pipe to go back into the joists. So, they won't have to lower the entire celing. There will just be a soffit on the one side.

Master Bedroom Vents

They moved the vent and fixed the hole they cut.


More of the deck is done. It looks better all the time. I really like it!

Great Room Vents

Because of all those windows, they had to put four vents in the great room. It was hard to take this picture because of the light and the stuff sitting around. You can barely see the back vents so I put arrows pointing to them.