Whirl Pool

The plumber has the whirl pool tub facet roughed in. Because of where the overflow drain was positioned he had to split the facet and put the spout on one side and the valves in the other as you can see.

Window Seat

This will be the window seat that's in the guest bedroom.


They have started laying out the driveway location for grading. Not sure when they will actually pour the driveway.

Front Walk

They also have laid out the front walk.

Crawl Space Access

They are framing in the crawl space access. There will be a window well around it I think.


The soffit above the butler's pantry cabinets is installed.


Kitchen soffit is also installed.

Deck Railing

They are making good progress on the deck railing. It looks so good!

Deck Facia

They have a little of the deck facia on. It also looks great!

Theater Hall

We decided to drop the entire theater hall ceiling down to eight feet rather than have soffits in it so they are working on that.


The drywall has been delivered. There is a ton of it. Actually, there is probably serveral tons of it! Literally.


If you look carefully where the arrows are you can see lots of drywall sitting around.

And More Drywall

And there's more upstairs and in the basement! They are using huge 14' lengths.