Looking better all the time. I saw the railing post covers today. They look really good.


Masons have the Library bay done. Looks very good. They started on the dining room side, but then tour it all down and started over. Guess they decided to do it over before I saw it (hee hee).


Columns now look much better. Unfortunately I never got a picture of the first attempt so you can see the difference.


Side view. You know this late afternoon light is a real pain for pictures.


The columns sit back on the porch like they are supposed to now. Of course it will look even better when all the mortor is cleaned up.


This is what the inside looks like. The bump out was needed to go around the steel column. But I think they look more interesting this way than if they were a simple 'L' shape.

Front Porch Gable

They have sunk in the front porch gable to make room for the brick. I think they have a little more to do, but not much. When the brick is done, they will have to fix the soffits and trim.

New Tool Box

A big new tool box showed up in the garage today. I am guessing it is the drywallers. They should be starting soon.

HVAC Lines

Electricians were back and pulled the electrical lines for the heat pump and backup furnace. They had to route them through an interesting path. Man, the ceiling in the basement is getting pretty crowded and the HVAC crew still has to do more in the unfinished side.

Theater Ceiling

Capentry crew got the lowered ceiling and the soffits done in the theater. It turned out very nice. I was initially a little disappointed they had to do it, but now I really like it.

Theater Ceiling

Front the front of the theater looking back. You can see the tray ceiling better from here.

Theater Ceiling

Lights have been moved down to the lower ceiling now.

Butler's Pantry Closet

For some reason they lowered the ceiling in this closet. Don't know why. Perhaps they need to run something through here.

Bath Fan

They have the new fan installed in the master bathroom. You have to look close. Its right in the center of the picture.