They put the conduit in the monunent today. The caps and the plaques should be ready any day now.

Window Brick

The scafolding is down now so here is a better picture of the brick around the front windows.

Front Porch

Front porch brick is now done. The scafolding is still up since they need to take down the arch support and finish the aluminum trim work. Makes it a little hard to see.

Front of House

Wider picture of the front of the house.


Carpenters have started working on flaring out the bottom of the stairs.

Master Bath Vent

HVAC crew stopped in and put the duct on the new master bath fan. Not sure why it makes that "U" turn to the west soffit.

Plumbing Vents

Plumbers made good progress replacing all the plumbing vents. See the journal entry for a full explanation.

Basement Bath Duct

HVAC crew also did the vent for the basement bath fan. Hope that fan can drive the air that far!


Slow but steady progress on the deck.

Deck Post Caps

Here's what our deck posts and caps look like.

Deck Railing

Here is a bit of the deck railing system. The builder and I had it out so we could measure how tall the posts should be and how high the railing needs to be.