They finally fixed the soffit so it can be drywalled. The corner part was too big before.

Well Tank

The water line has been installed into the house and the well tank put in. I am concerned that it is to close to the furance. The HVAC crew hasn't installed the air return that goes into the left side. Don't know if they have enough room or not.

Water Line

This is where the water line comes into the house. It goes under the footing I am pretty sure.

Well Head

We have a new well head now. Its green. I put an arrow in since its a little hard to spot in the picture.


The crew that will do the driveway were working this evening. They were digging out the pea-fill that is currently on the driveway so gravel can be delivered tomorrow. That's not a pile of new pea-fill; it's what they dug out.


I also talked to them about pulling this curve out a little to give the trees more room. You can see the white line I painted (blue arrows). They covered it a little with the pea-fill but you can still see most of it.