Septic Field

The septic field and tank are done. They left access holes-- one for each of the trenches in the drain field--so that we can check the water level. They are marked with the red flags. You can also see that they put up caution tape so no one drives or parks on it now.

Septic Line

They had to raise the hole where the septic line comes into the house. It was too low for them to get a slope to the tank. You can see the wet cement where they filled it back in.


They have started putting the gutters on. They look good.


They have started putting the ceiling texture on. Tried to get a picture of it. It won't look quite so much like a flower pattern when it is dry.

The Beast

The furnace--now know as The Beast--keeps getting bigger!

The Beast

This is inside the upper duct where the electric backup is. In case the ground loop can't pull in enough heat, this will come on. Hopefully it will not run often, if ever!