The gutters are all done. They have not put the leaf guards on them yet though.

Front Sidewalk

The front sidewalk has been poured. It looks good. They did a good job getting it straight and level.


All the ceilings are textured now. This is the dining room. We had them only texture the undersides. There is still another part to the tray ceiling that has to be built yet but that will be done later.

Ceiling Texture

Here is a better shot of the ceiling texture. They do it with a special roller then use a trowel to knock off the peaks.

Bonus Room

We had them texture both the top and the sloped parts of the bonus rool ceiling. It looks good.

Garage ceiling

They did just a simple texture on the garage ceiling. I didn't even know they were going to do the garage. I thought it would just be flat.

Garage Ceiling

Here is a close up of the garage ceiling texture. Its just your typical press-and-pull texture.


The first part of the driveway has been poured. They were just finishing it up when I was there.


Doesn't this look like a typical work crew. One person working and three standing around. Actually, they are a good crew and were all working hard when I got there.