Hardwood Floor

They keep making progress on the hardwood floor. Going a bit slower than I expected, but they are doing a good job. It looks sooo good!

Hardwood Floor

This picture was a few days later. They pretty much have all of the entry, dining room, and library done. They are probably a third done.

The Beast

The beast continues to grow. And the return air ducts still have to be put in!


More ducts have been put in. I think they are basically all in now, but not all hooked up. This is the side hall. There is also one in the laundry room.

Leaf Guard

They have come back and installed the leaf guard on the gutters.

Interior Doors

All the doors were delivered today. There are seventeen in all which isn't really that many for the size of the house. Our current house has 15!


All the interior trim was also delivered. There is baseboard trim, door trim, cased openings, and window casements.

Baseboard Trim

I tried to get a shot of the baseboard trim. It didn't turnout too well. But hopefully you can get an idea of how it looks. You can also see that it is dark by the time I get to the house in the evening.

Door and Window Trim

There wasn't a piece of the door and window trim that was face up, so I took this shot of the ends. It gives you an idea of the shape of the trim.

Stair Treads

These are the oak stair treads. Not sure if these are for the second floor stairs, the basement stairs or both.

Well Tank

They finally got the well tank moved to the other side of the mechanicals area so its out of the way of the furnace ducts.