Furnace Install

They have started installing the furnace. That's one big duct on the top there.


They have the drywall up on the theater now. They had to take some of it back down before because the insulation was not put in all the walls and the ceiling.

Drywall and electrical

This is the theater hall. You can also see that they have the electricity in the basement now. I am sure that makes it easier to work.


This is the game room. They also most have all the drywall in. They still have the basement bathroom to finish. I could't get a good angle to take a picture of it.


What's this on the floor. Wasn't sure what that powery white stuff was. It's hard to see in the photo. Could it be...


Yes, it is! They have blown in the insulation in the attics. I didn't realize rock wool was so white when it is new.

Electrical Panel

More circuits in the panel now. Still lots to go though. The second one is still mostly empty.