Electric Main

They ran the buried electrical main from the transformer to the house today.

Electric Meter

We now have an actual meter on the outside panel. And a big honk'n conduit coming up from the ground.

Electric Meter

Our meter is on 2.

Electrical Panels

The electric panels now have covers. The main breaker is in each one and the right one has a single circuit breaker. There is now one circuit on in the house.

First Electrical Outlet

Our first working electrical outlet! (Hey, when you have waited 8 months, little things mean a lot.)

Front Step

Watch that first step! It's a doozy! Once they back fill, it should be a reasonable height. Scott and I think they ran out of concrete blocks, so they made due with brick. Otherwise, we can't figure out the odd jog in the brick.

Driveway Conduit

While I was at the house this evening, they delivered this conduit. I am pretty sure it is the conduit that will be laid under the driveway and sidewalks so if later we need to pull wires or whatever under them we have a way to do it.