Master Bath Counter

The master bath counter is in place. We are very happy with it. I was concerned whether it would be the right color since all we ever got to see were tiny samples of the marble. But it turned out great.

Master Bath Window

They have formed the thin plywood into the window wells of the round windows in the master bath. It will be interesting to see how they do the trim on them.

Master Bedroom Trim

Progress continues on the trim. Master bedroom is now done. They are getting close to having the trim done. Just the hard parts remain like the high windows in the great room and entry way and the arches and round windows.

Nook Trim

The Trim Guy did a good job putting in the trim for the nook windows. He took the time to cut it and "wrap" it around the corner. Look close at the top of the right window.


We were a little concerned that this passage way from the great room to the nook and kitchen would be narrow and look a little odd, but it turned out fine. With the cabinets in, the kitchen definitely feels like a separate room now.

Trim Paint

The painters have returned and painted the trim in the upstairs and basement.

Stair Rail

They are starting to work on the stair rail.

Stair Rail

This is the next day. They got quite a bit done. I couldn't actually go up the stairs for a closer picture because the treads on the stairs are gone. They took the temporary ones off and are starting to put in the oak ones.

Stair Rail

This is the railing from the entry way side. I think the scafolding is so the Trim Guy can do the upper windows.


The electricians are back and starting to do the finish work. They have put in the metal conduit for the outlets in the storage area of the basement. They also have put in the light fixtures in the storage area.

Wall Plates

Wall plates are being install in the basement.

Light Fixtures

The can light trims are also going in in the basement.

Cabinet Trim

The cabinet installer is to the point of starting to install the cabinet trim. You can see the bottom trim here.