They have the fireplace tile grouted now. We picked a dark grout. Its not dry yet in the this picture so it looks really dark. I saw it today dry, and it looks really good. The grout made the hearth tile not look so light compared to the fireplace surround.

Guest Bath Tile

The guest bath tile is also grouted. It is still wet in this picture. The brown grout really brings out the little bit of brown in the tile which is what we wanted.

Whirl Pool Tub Tile

More grout. The grout lines on the upper tile are really thin so they are dry already. You can see how good they match the tile. The grout on the lower tiles is still wet and dark.

Master Bath Cabinets

They are installing the master bath cabinets. The middle ones are pulled out right now to make room for cutting the plumbing holes.

Guest Bath Trim

This is one of the places where picking a really wide trim caused problems. They had to notch out for the soffit above the sink.

Tight Fit

The guest bath cabinets just barely fit with the wide trim. They will have to notch out for the counter top.


Actually this side didn't quite fit. But they will adjust something to fix it.

Entry Window Trim

They are working on the trim for the entry windows. They have a nice sill installed above the door. This is looking down from the bridge.

Library Trim

Trim on the library windows is all done.

Sunroom Trim

They are working on the trim for the sunroom windows. Interesting how they made the window sill one long unit. I like it.

Bonus Room Door Trim

There just wasn't enough room for the wide trim on the bonus room door. So they put up a regular colonial trim. That's okay, its down the hall and not too noticeable.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets are pretty much installed. They just have finish work to do, like putting on the side and back panels.

Kitchen Cabinets

These are the kitchen cabinets from the other direction. Unfortunately, the windows back-lit the picture and the cabinets are really dark. They had to move the soffit a little bit to get the cabinets to fit right.