Whirl Pool Tub Surround Tile

The tile has been put on the whirl pool tub surround in the master bathroom. Looks pretty good. Be interesting to see it with the marble top.

Fireplace Tile

The tile has been set of the fireplace surround and hearth. It looks good except some of the tiles are not the right color. Some of the large 6x6 tiles should have been the dark color.

Guest Bath Tile

The guest bath tile has also been laid. I really like this tile.

Attic access

They framed in the attic access door. The door will be painted.


We have been invaded by asian beatles (what some people mistake for lady bugs). They were all over the back of the house this morning. Now they're inside! They had the windows open today because it was so warm so in they came!

Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen cabinets are going up. May have a few issues with them. I need to talk to the cabinet supplier. I am not quite sure if they are wrong or not.

Laundry Cabinets

Laundry cabinets are also being installed.

Powder Room Cabinet

This is the powder room cabinet. It is a darker color than the rest. It will have a top that looks like dark granet (see the colors web page) and a black and brass facet.


They have now moved to the basement to work on the trim. Its amazing how much more finished a room looks with the trim.