Sunroom Ceiling Fan

The electricians continue to install the fixtures. This is the ceiling fan in the sun room.

Dining Room Light

This is the fixture in the dining room. I am glad we got the larger light. It doesn't look so big now that it is installed.

Kichten Cabinets

They are starting to install the crown molding in the kitchen.

Foyer Light

This is the fixture in the entry way. Its hard to see since they left the plastic on it. Its the same fluted glass shape as the dining room only its over 4 feet tall.


The plumber is back and really going to town now. He has a good chunk of the waste and supply lines in.

Great Room Fans

These are the great room ceiling fans. The water spots you see are condensation in my camera lens because it was still cold from being outside.


Really bad spots in this one. I really need to let the camera warm up! Anyway, the stairs are looking great! Glad we splurged for all that oak.

Outdoor lights

The side porch and deck lights are now installed. They are much smaller versions in the same style family as the front porch lights.