Laundry Room Tile

The laundry room vinyl was installed on Monday. It is a little bluer than it looks in the picture.

Laundry Room Tile

Master Bedroom Shower

The master bedroom shower has been lined with cement board in preparation for the sythetic marble. They also installed the rubber liner. This picture is from Monday also.

Bonus Room Window

This is the little arched window in the bonus room. It will be interesting to see how they finish the top of it.

Window Sills

I took this picture to show the details of the window sills. I really like them. It will be so great to have nice wide window sills to sit things on.

Library Shelves

The carcasses of the library shelves have been delivered. They still need the face frames and crown molding put on them. The finish on them is excellent. Of course the guy who is making them has his own special finishing room where he does spay-on finishes.

Library Shelves

The other wall of library shelves.

Basement Bath Tile

We put the same vinyl in the basement bath as the laundry room.

Master Bath Tile

They have a good start on the master bathroom tile. They also poured the cement floor of the shower.

Whirl Pool Tub Deck

The deck of the tub has been covered with cement board now. The front of it will be tile and the top synth. marble.

Window Seat

This is the window seat in the guest room--the one they had to install to make room for the kitchen vent. It looks good.

Guest Bath Floor

Guest bathroom floor also has cement board now so it's ready for tile. That's the tile in the boxes with the bright red label.


They are making good progress on the trim. Most of the upstairs in done now. Just a few odds and ends to add. Of course that is the easy floor to do. There are still all those windows on the first floor to go!

Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen cabinets have been delivered and the guy who will install them was unboxing them when I was there. These are actually the upper cabinets he has set out. They get installed first.

Butlers Pantry Cabinets

The upper cabinets for the butlers pantry. Also, you can see the board that will close in the refrigerator leaning there against the wall with its back to the camera.

Kitchen Cabinets

More cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets

And yet more. The tall cabinet is for the build-in oven. Its actually siting sideways right now.


These are the shutters for the outside of the house.

Laundry Cabinets

These are the laundry room cabinets.

Laundry Cabinets

And still more. You can see the lazy suzan to the left.

And more Stuff

The garage is packed right now. There are still more cabinets out there. Mostly the base cabinets. The synthetic marble for the master bath shower is there. As wall as the counter top and sink. And, all the lighting fixtures have been delivered.

Cabinet Trim

This is the crown molding and other trim for the cabinets. The crown is a darker color than the cabinets.