Porch Lights

They light fixtures are starting to go in. These are the front porch lights obviously. They don't look big in this picture, but if you really compare them to the size of the door, they are quite large. Good thing too. They need to be that big to match the size of the house.

Light Fixtures

The dome light under the bridge. All the dome lights through the house are in. Well, except one. I counted wrong so they were short one. It has been ordered.


They are making good progress on the stairs. They look really good.

Kitchen Cabinets

This is the back of the cabinets that will be seen from the great room. It looks pretty good.

Nook Light

The light fixture in the nook is in. It looks great. Its hung up higher than it will be when the table is in to keep people from running into it.

Kitchen Cabinets

The toe kicks for the kitchen cabinets are in.

Kitchen Cabinets

The back of the cabinets that face the nook. As you can see there will be an outlet in them.