Our Lot in Catterson Hollow

Catterson Hollow

This is a map of the entire development. Our lot is grey.

Our lot

This is the survey of our lot. The greyed in area is the area where we are building and is about all you see in most of the photos.

Satellite View

This is a satellite view of the area I found on the web. I drew in the outline of our lot and surrounding lots.

Topo Map

This is a topographical map of the area. I drew in our lot. You can clearly see the huge rivine on our property.

Our Lot - Jan 2002

This is the lot before any construction was done. You see only a small piece the the 4.8 acres. There is a huge rivine to the right.

Vitual View

This picture was made by super imposing a rendered version of the house onto a photo of the lot. Turned out pretty cool. I haven't updated this since we change the entire front of the house to brick, but it served its purpose of giving us a nice visual of the completed house.