The Temp Electric Hookup

We still can't

figure out how they got the cable there. Still no meter.

The Crawl Space

They finished the big hole then began working on the shallow areas like the crawl space under the nook and sunroom which is shown here. I am at the back of the house.

Pea Fill

This shows the pea fill they put at the bottom of the excavation that the basement floor slab will sit on.

Front Porch

I am standing on the west side of the house looking south toward what will be the front. You can see the cut out where the front porch will be.

Mountain or Mole Hill?

That's a one big pile of dirt! This time Scott made me be the reference.

Perspective is Everything

We measured this dirty pile by walking it off. It covers an area as big as our current house!


This is where the garage will be. I am standing at the front of the house looking northeast. You can see the trench for the garage foundation footings.


This is another picture of the garage area. You can see the trench better in this picture. I am standing at the southeast corner looking northwest this time.


And another picture of the trench.


This is a wide shot of the entire site. You can see the backhoe. The dozer and the truck they were brought in on are far in the background.


This is a reasonably good picture of the entire excavation.


This is from the northeast corner of the house looking toward the driveway. You can see the temporary rip-rap they put down for the trucks. Scott is right about where the northeast corner of the garage will be. The garage door will face the dozer. Eventually the driveway will circle back to the truck around that group of trees.