They have most of the roof covered in tar paper. But not all as you can see from the garage. I think they ran out today. I didn't see any more rolls laying around. You can also see that they have finished sheathing the chimney.


They have started putting the drip edge on.

Side Porch

We have a side porch roof now. The temporary column is sitting on the porch foundation corner.

Garage Doors

They have put the trim on the garage doors. It is cedar. Later it will be wrapped in vinyl-coated aluminum.

Shower Wall

They shortened the shower wall. However, they decided it really was a load baring wall so they are going to put a little column at the end of it. The 2x4's that are there are temporary. We wanted this wall open at the top so light from the window would get into the shower area.

Basement Stairs

They finished the last four basement steps adding the flare out at the end.

Basement Stairs

View from on the stairs.


Love the temporary railing!

Bonus Room

They added nailers along the floor between all the trusses so the drywallers will have something to nail to. They also added a little header for where the access door will go.

Bonus Room

Note to the drywallers I assume. There was supposed to be storage space in that wall, but the engineered trusses had to have cross support there so it won't be that usable. Oh well, we have plenty of space!

Fixed Windows

They had to lower the headers of the two front windows. You can see in the picture where they added two 2x4's. (marked with an arrow). If they hadn't lowered them, the tops would have been in the eave.

Fixed Windows

They also had to do some size adjusting on the great room windows. You can see here that they added some spacers.

Garage Doors

They added framing to the inside of the garage doors as well. This will support the garage door rails.

Garage Doors

They added the support for the garage door openers.


They put in many cross braces to support the roof trusses.

Wall Corners

All the wall corners that are not 90 degrees got filler boards put in them. Again, to support the drywall.

To Do List

Another to-do list! The item that is not marked out says "move back windows down". I think (hope) that means lower the bottom of the master bedroom windows by a foot. They framed them at five feet high. They were supposed to be six.


They put blocks in anywhere there was a warpped stud to straighten them out. The right one really needed it, it was almost touching the left stud.


They put in a boat load of these ceiling nailers for the ceiling drywall. They had to put them in anywhere there wasn't good support from a ceiling joist.

Clean Lot

Framing crew must be nearly done. They have cleaned up the lot. Either that or it was time for the inspector to come by. :)