Front Porch

They have started to work on the front porch roof. The porch foundation isn't there yet which is why they had too build such a convoluted support structure so they can hold up the roof but not be in the way of putting in the foundation.


Windows are all installed in the great room.


They have the one window put in the center of the nook, but the other two have to be replaced. They didn't have the correct transoms on them.


Windows are all installed in the sunroom. You can also see the window is installed in the laundry room.


The side door is installed.


This is an inside view of the sun room.


Apparently these are very important pieces of wood. I think they are the pieces that fit above the arch window in the foryer. Guess they didn't want to have to cut them again.

Clean Up

They cleaned up today also and took down the scaffolding that was in in the great room.


This is the front window opening in the bonus room. They had to enlarge it slightly. But this window didn't have grids like it was supposed to so needs to be exchanged. Actually none of the front arch windows were right. They all have to go back.


The back window in the bonus room was supposed to be a small arch window but to meet code had to be changed to a full size double hung. They said since this room could be used as a bedroom there had to be a egress window.

Jut-out Roof

This strange picture is looking down from the upstairs window onto the little roof of the jut out in the dining room. I just wanted to capture how it was done.

Laundry Room Soffit

They put a soffit in the laundry room for the upper cabinets. It actually wasn't shown that way on the plans, but it will look nicer.

Stair Marks

Looks like they put some chaulk lines on the studs beside the stair. Maybe they are getting ready to cut down the temporary wall to what it is supposed to be.

Garage Door Trim

They finally added the last piece of garage door trim.