First batch of 4500 bricks have arrived. Another 10500 are on the way. Bad news is, I don't think I like it!! I need to see it again tomorrow, but it may all be going back.

Construction Zone

Really looks like a construction zone now. Lots of stuff going on. I took this picture to show how the soffits are coming on the gabels. We really like the trim work now. We weren't so sure at first.


The shingles are all here also.

Soffit Outlets

We are having outlets put in the soffits for chirstmas lights. I have always wanted to do lots of lights, but running the cords was a pain!

Electrical and Plumbing

Electrician and Plumber are both working. You can see some can lights installed here in the master bedroom. You can also see the plumbing vent run from the master bath. I really like that they are making sure all the vents come out on the back of the roof.

Electrical and Plumbing

Plumbing for the washer.

Brick Pockets

These windows actually ended up a little high but they will look pretty good. Looks a little weird now, but when the brick is on, it will be fine.