Master Bath Shower

The master bath shower fixtures have been installed. They are actually not correct. These are all brass. They should be chrome with brass accents. They will be replaced later. For now, they needed to be installed so we could pass inspection.

Powder Room

The powder room facet has been installed. It looks as good as we thought it would with the granite-like counter.


The microwave-oven combo has been installed. The cooktop is also in, but I forgot to take a picture of it.

Kitchen Sink and Facet

Kitchen sink and facet are also in. The facet really looks nice.

Kitchen Island

The granite company came and installed the granite on the island on the Saturday between Christmas and New Years. It matches the counters even better than we hoped it would.

Laundry Room

The sink and facet are installed in the laundry room, but they have to come back out. Someone cracked the corner of the sink so it has to be replaced.