To be honest, I don't remember when I was introduced to the world of home automation.  I am sure I came across some type of X-10 kit or something like that.  The first time I actually did anything with it was when Scott ordered one of the free "Firecracker" kits that was giving away for a while.  How cool was this!  We quickly bought several more lamp modules.  We used one for a long time to turn a humidifier on and off.  And of course the ubiquitous controlling of the Christmas lights.  X-10 worked only marginally in our old house so we didn't do much beyond that.  We also knew we would be building a new house one day and so didn't want to make a big investment in the current house.

When the time came to start planning for the new house, I really started doing some research on the Web.  What I found was an incredible world of possibilities.  It was almost overwhelming, but I was hooked.  I knew I wanted to do some serious home automation in the new house.  Well, the new house is now built and this section of our web site covers our current home automation system: both what we have today and our plans for the future.

I really enjoyed reading about other people's home automation when I was planning my system.  I still do!  What better way to get ideas then to steal them from other people! :)  So, I thought I would give something back to the HA community and to the next generation of home automators who are out there on the Web right now getting an introduction to this fascinating, fun, frustrating, expensive, addictive, wonderful hobby.  Enjoy!