Future Plans


Continue to enhance the touch pad interfaces to add more controls.  Maybe add more touch pads if the current ones work out.


We have plans to add a lot more X-10 switches in the house.  I don't know if we will ever replace every light switch, but I am willing to give it a shot! :) 


We have not finished installing the speakers in all the rooms we plan to.  I would also like to use motion sensors to have the audio "follow" you as you walk around the house.


Nothing more planned here for the time being.


We will be installing temperature sensors in the house to detect problems. For example, if the furnace goes out when we are not home and the temperature begins to drop, the house can contact us.  There will also be sensors in the fridge and chest freezer to monitor them.

We will be installing water sensors in key places (water heaters, washer, etc.) for early detection of leaks.

We will be adding security cameras that will be triggered from motion sensors.  These will automatically record the area where motion is detected and notify us whether we are home or not.  They will be viewable from any TV as well as from the web.  The car sensor in the driveway will also cause the driveway camera to be shown on the TV for a period of time so we can see who has pulled in.

I want to link the house smoke detectors to the home controller so it can notify us if we are away and also disable the HVAC to prevent smoke from being pushed through the house.

More motion sensors will be added both inside and outside the house.  These will be used both for security and other home automation features.


Nothing more planned here for the time being.


We plan on adding RS-485 controlled thermostats in the house to allow the HVAC to be an active player in the home automation.

I am considering using an outside temperature sensor to automatically adjust the set point of the furnace.  The controller would attempt to keep the inside temperature at an ideal temperature, but ramp it up or down if it got extremely hot or cold outside to keep from running the furnace to death.

We are going to connect the on/off signals for the furnace and water heaters to the home controller so it can monitor every time they go on and off.  This is useful information to monitor over time to make sure things aren't changing.  For example,  is the furnace starting to run more than it should.  We have a geothermal heat pump with electric assist.  I would really like to know how often the assist is coming on.