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10/06/2002 - More pictures finally.  I was ill at the end of last week so I didn't get out to the house to take pictures.  Actually one or two of the pictures are from last week but I just today had enough to make it worth while posting them to the web site.  Not much to see anyway.  They are working on taping and mudding the drywall.  While they are doing lots of work, it doesn't look that different day to day.  We went out today to look at carpet.  We can't put it off any more.  We will have to chose.  This will probably be the hardest thing we pick.  Too many things we like.  But I think we narrowed it down some today.

10/07/2002 - Few more pictures today.  The house has power!  Electrical line was run today.  We also have a front step.  I think I will make my goal of 1000 pictures of the house.  I am at about 850 right now.  Its been slow lately, but I think I will take a lot once they start doing the finish work inside the house.

10/09/2002 - More progress today.  The HVAC crew is back starting to connect the ducts to the furnace.  The electrician is back hooking more of the circuits into the panels.  We actually have lights in the basement!  They blew in the attic insulation today.  And dry walling has progressed to the basement.  Yesterday we met with Joe our builder and the person who will be building our shelving in the great room and library.  It just wasn't working trying to explain what we wanted through email and faxes.  I think we have it all settled now.  We decided not to bury the propane tank.  If we bury it we have to buy it.  It's expensive and then its our problem if something goes wrong.  If its above ground the LP company deals with it.  We just buy the propane.

10/11/2002 - They have our water line into the house from the well so it looks like the well subcontractor is done.  I would expect the plumber to be back finishing his rough-in work.  The subcontractor that will pour the driveway and sidewalks was there when I was this evening so I talked to him some to make sure he understands what I want.  He sounds like he knew what he was doing and was going to do a good job.  When he's done with side walk, then they can do the septic systems.  Pictures are here.

10/14/2002 - They have started on the septic field.  They are using a new type of insert for the drain tiles that don't need gravel put aroudn them so they are really moving.  I bet that are the field in tomorrow and the lot grading done.  They crew doing the driveway were also back.  They dumped the gravel in during the weekend and compacted it today.  They are using "lime gravel".  It is crushed concrete so its a mixture of everything from powder to 1 to 1 1/2 rocks.  They are right, it compacts like crazy.  Its almost like they have poured concrete already.  They were finishing up the forms for the sidewalks when I was there.  They will probably pour some concrete tomorrow.  I went out at lunch today and worked with Jim our project manager to mark were the conduit goes under the driveway and sidewalks.  Finally, the plaques for the monument have been installed.  They look so good!  Pictures are here.

10/15/2002 - Had to make three trips out the house today.  I went out first thing this morning to put a T connector into the drain pipes for the downspouts on the west side of the house.  While I was there I talked to the HVAC guys about where the propane tank will go--they have to put the inside propane pipes in and need to know where it will come into the house.  I wasn't sure what all the rules where for positioning the regulator on the side of the house so I called the gas company when I got back to the office.  They had a workman right out near the house so I drove back out to talk to him.  We got it worked out where the regulator will go--luckily, right where we want it.  Went back out this evening with Scott so we can mark where the tank itself goes.  We were working on that and ran out of day light so I only have a few pictures.  There was a lot of activity out there today.  There were five crews working: plumbers, HVAC, grading crew, drywallers and gutter crew.  Things are really starting to move.  We have to get appliances ordered soon, get sod in for the bank on the back side of the house, and pick carpet.

10/16/2002 - Gutters are all done.  Drywall and Ceiling texturing is all done.  The front side walk and first part of the driveway have been poured.  HVAC guys worked a little today but not much.  Got word from our builder that the crown molding we want--which is from out kitchen cabinet maker--will be $950.  Regular unfinished crown molding it only about $125.  So we have to decide just how much we want it.  I ordered all the bath accessories last night, towel bars, toilet paper holders and all that.  Ordered them via the internet.  Got a message from the copy today saying that since our order was so large they are giving us free shipping.  That's cool.  Pictures are here.  Now I need to write pictures out to a CD-R so I can empty the memory cards for my camera; they are all full.

10/17/02 - New work out at the house today.  The painters have arrived and begun priming the walls and the crew is in starting to work on putting in the hardwood floor.  The driveway and HVAC crews were also back.  Pictures are here.  Mortgage rates have started going up the last few days so we are going to lock in our rate tomorrow.  We can only lock it for 45 days.  Hopefully that will be long enough.  If not, oh well.  It is possible that PEFCU (our credit union) will let us close before its actually complete.

10/21/2002 - The pictures for today are from both Friday and this evening.  We locked in our interest rate on Friday so the clock is ticking to get the house done.  We have 45 days--actually make that 43 now.  Went out this weekend and ordered the cook top, oven, and dishwasher.  We have also settled on our carpet.  We are going to shop around a bit to see if we can find a better price for it though.  We also bought one of the two facets for the laundry room.  (It has both hard and soft water facets.)  We still need a refrigerator, cabinet, counter and faucet for the basement bath and the other laundry facet.  Today I went and signed over another draw check to the builder.  Major stuff will be coming in.  The built-ins will start showing up as soon as the hardwood floor in the Library is done.  The cabinet maker is out of room in his shop!  Most of the tile is supposed to be in tomorrow.  Some of it got ordered late because we needed to verify the color.  That will be in next week.  The vinyl for the laundry room will also be here this week, as well as all the interior doors and trim.

We may have a problem with the stair railing.  We has specified an over-the-top type of rail.  But out stairs flare out at an odd angle and they don't make that as a stock item.  The builder can order a customer piece, but there is a lead time.  So we may switch to a normal in-line railing.  We'll see.

All the outdoor cement pouring is basically done.  They poured the last of the driveway today.  They just have to come back and cut the stress joints, probably tomorrow, and take off all the forms.  They have started on the hardwood floor.  Turns out we got the 3 1/4 inch wide wood after all.  The builder had told us we may get the 2 1/4 because they have stop manufacturing the line we wanted.  The 2 1/4 type is more expensive!  But, the builder was able to find some of the wider size in stock at two different places to get enough for our floor.

The metal canopies are installed on the library and dining room bays.  They weren't supposed to be copper but they are.  The builder said he just wouldn't do the terne metal because he knew we would not be happy with it in the long term.  He even ate the $300 more it cost for the copper.  It really does look awesome right now.  I just wish it would stay the copper color and not turn green.  Oh well, we will leave it for now and when it starts looking bad, we will probably paint it.  I am going to do some searching on the Internet to see if there is anything that will keep it the copper color.

10/25/2002 - Not too much going on right now except the hardwood floor going in.  It is holding everything else up.  They are doing a little work on the ducts.  The first few pictures are from two days ago; the rest from this evening.

10/29/2002 - Installation of the hardwood floor continues.  They are progressing faster this week.  I would estimate they will done Thursday, but certainly by the end of the week.  They went ahead and started painting.  The painters fly!  They did almost the entire inside of the house today.  The tile has been delivered.  Unfortunately, the guest bath tile is missing.  The store told the builder everything was in.  But its not.  Either that or they ordered the wrong thing.  Looks like they may have ordered the same tile for the guest bath as the master bath since there is so much of it out there.  Oh well, that's for Joe to sort out.  Lowe's called yesterday and said our order is in.  That should be the oven, cook top, and dishwasher or at least some of those.  Still need to order the fridge.  Pictures are here.

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