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11/01/2002 - Painters have a coat of paint on all the walls and are starting on the second coat.  They got stopped a day or two doing the hardwood floor because they ran out.  More was delivered today.  The electrician was there today and hooked up more temporary lights.  They have started installing the trim.  It looks fantastic.  The guy doing it is doing an excellent job, especially on the window sills.  We went out last night and picked up the oven, cook top, and dishwasher that had come in.  They are now sitting in the garage of our current house.  We are having a lot of trouble picking carpet.  We just can decide what we want.  Pictures are here.

11/06/2002 - Wow, it was like Christmas at the house today.  All the cabinets have arrived.  The lighting fixtures are in.  The marble for the master bath is also in.  I have lots of pictures.  I spent Monday night working out the details of the great room built in shelves.  The fireplace ended up about three inches to the right from where it was supposed to be and the doorway to the master bedroom is six inches to the right.  The builder offered to fix the doorway, but we like it where it is so I reworked the shelves instead.  It all worked out fine.  The hardwood floor is done except for just a small section about a foot wide in the great room.  They have started on the tile in the master bathroom.  The vinyl floors have been installed.

This past weekend we went out again to try and find carpet.  Picking carpet has now gone to the top of the list of "hardest to pick."  But, I think we have finally got our selections.  We finally found some we both like and--most importantly--matches the colors of all the other things we have selected.

All we have left to get is a cabinet and counter top for the basement bath and I think we have them picked out.  We just need to go get them.

11/07/2002 - It was a very busy day yesterday.  I ended up taking the whole day as vacation to deal with stuff for the house.  I had to go return carpet samples and get things moving to get it ordered and installed.  I had to go out and verify that all the lighting fixtures they delivered were correct--only one of them is wrong, the kitchen light.  Then I had to talk to the tile guy about the fireplace tile pattern.  Then our builder called and said he thought the master bath tile would be too slick to be put in the shower so I had to go out and look at that.  I finally just gave up and took off for the day.  I spent the rest of the afternoon at Lowe's looking at light fixtures.  There are a few we are going to buy ourselves since it will be cheaper.

I actually took some of the bath tile and put it in our tub at home and took a shower just too see how slippery it would be.  Its not very slick.  I think it will be fine but I am going to have Scott try it too.

Most of the tile work in the house is done except for grout.  We didn't think about grout, so we have to go out tomorrow and pick which color we want.  The fireplace tile turned out really nice except that one of the tile colors is wrong.  All the 6x6 tiles are the same color; some of them should be a darker color (see today's pictures).  I am not sure if I screwed up ordering it or the supplier did.  I am going to talk to Scott about whether we will bother with having them fix it.  It sort of looks good like it is except for the hearth looks a little plain.

We have tons of things to go buy tomorrow.  It will be a busy day!

11/18/2002 - This post is dedicated to my Mom who passed away this past week.  That is why I have not done a post in quite some time.  Rest in peace mom.  I love you.

Well, we got most of the remaining things bought a week ago Saturday.  The last of the lights, the basement bath vanity, counter top and other stuff.  They are sitting in the garage of our current house.  We need to get them out to the new house soon.  They are still making good progress on the trim and the kitchen cabinets.  They started on the stair rail today.  They have also started painting of the trim that has been installed.  I'll get pictures tomorrow.  Most of the pictures today where actually taken last Tuesday except for the two of the kitchen cabinets.

11/20/2002 - With this post I have reached my goal of 1000 pictures of the house construction!  The pictures for today were taken both last evening and tonight.  We are getting sooo close I am really starting to get anxious.  Lots of finish work being done.  The cabinets continue to be installed, as is trim.  They have started on the stair railings and putting in the stair treads.  The electricians are back and starting to do the finish work in the basement.  Haven't seen the plumber or HVAC guys yet.  They still have quite a bit to do.  I guess we better get all the stuff sitting in our garage out to the new house this weekend; they will be wanting to install it.

11/22/2002 - Light fixtures are starting to go in today.  I took the ones we bought out to the house this morning.  They are also starting to put the back paneling on the kitchen cabinets; the part that faces the great room.  It looks okay.  They are doing a good job on it, but this is one area were we compromised.   We would have loved to have put false doors on the back of the cabinets to make them look better, but we didn't have the money.  We are $8000 over our cabinet allowance as it is.   Oh well, we haven't had to make too many concessions on the house.  Maybe we can come back and fix them later.  Pictures are here.

11/26/2002 - Electricians continue to install the light fixtures.  The plumbers are back and making good progress.  The stairs are looking awesome!  Pictures are here.

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