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06/03/2002 - More framing work done.  They are making good progress.  I would guess two more days to finish the first floor.  We got our estimate for the kitchen design.  We went over our allowance that the builder included in the building price by quite a bit.  But we are going to pay the difference anyway rather than sacrifice what we want.  We were both off today so we went out and snapped out chalk lines to show where the kitchen cabinets will go.  We wanted to make sure it will fit and look right.  Especially since the kitchen designer add about 9" to the length of the cabinets.  We think it will be fine.  We do have a few changes for him to make though.  We are working with Joe Loepker from Nu Kitchens.

06/04/2002 - They continue to make progress on the framing.  Today they started sheathing some of the first floor.  I would expect that they will work on the second floor joists tomorrow assuming it does not rain.  We are getting a good storm now.  Hopefully it will get past the area tonight.

06/06/2002 - It stormed yesterday morning, then settled into a drizzly rain for the rest of the day so no progress.  But today they got a lot done.  They have all the first floor sheathing done including cutting out the window and door openings.  They also got most of the second floor joists in.  Our builder sent us a message yesterday to let us know that the windows for the second floor bedrooms won't fit if they are arch topped so they will just be square.  That was fine with us.  On the blueprints they are not really arch topped anyway, more like a flattened arch.  They will look fine square.

06/07/2002 - Today was one of those days where at first it didn't look like they did much, but they did.  The second floor is now completely decked, all the second floor joist hangers are in place, the have the chalk lines for the second floor walls laid out and they cut the bottom plates out of most of the door ways on the first floor.  Tomorrow we go back to the kitchen designer to talk to him about few adjustments and corrections to the first plan he did.  Nothing major I don't think.  We got a phone message from an appraisal company yesterday wanting to make and appointment for the appraisal (the bank will have several done during the construction to make sure we are getting what we are paying for).  I called them back today saying I was confused why we needed an appointment.  She said so that we could let them in the house!  I said, "you do know this is a house that's being built and it has no walls yet."  She said, "Oh, well then I will have to talk to my boss."  I haven't heard anything back.  Pictures are here.

06/10/2002 - Its really starting to look like a house.  They got quite a bit of the second floor framing done today.  Of course there's not as much to the second floor.  They seem to have missed a window in the guest bed room.  But they may be waiting until they see where the roof that's on the nook ends up since it is right under that window.  I'll ask the builder.  Got off lucky again today; the storms missed us, but I don't think our luck will hold out.  Have everything worked out with the Kitchen designer, its going to look really nice!

06/11/2002 - They got more done today than I thought they would given that it rained in the middle of the day.  They have started on the parts of the framing that are two stories tall.  I can't believe how tall the great room is going to be!  Eighteen feet is farther than you think, especially when it goes straight up.  They did add the missing window to the guest bedroom.  Looks to me like all the second floor framing is done now.  Should take them just a few days to do the two-story framing then the trusses should arrive.  Concrete forms have shown back up on site so looks like the foundation crew will finally be back to fix the crooked foundation.  They may also pour the front porch.  Don't know, it may be done with block.  Unfortunately, it is supposed to rain like crazy the next two days.  We'll see what they get done.  I re-did the index page a little.  The pictures section was getting really big and needed to be multiple columns.

06/12/2002 - They have the framing for the great room basically done.  I have two words to describe it: Holy Sh*t!  It's assume.  I think it is going to turn out better than I thought.  The roof trusses were delivered today.  They probably have another day of work on the framing and sheathing so they will probably start on the trusses Friday.

06/14/2002 - Well, it rained most of the day Thursday so they didn't get much done just some sheathing of the back two-story wall.  Today they pulled apart the bundles of trusses.  There are now trusses all over the place.  Looks like they spent most of the day getting as much as they could done on the ground before they set the trusses.  I am guessing the crane will be there Monday to lift them into place.  Supposed to be nice Monday and Tuesday so I am guessing we will have a roof by the end of next week.

06/17/2002 - Major changes today.  Crane was there and set all the roof trusses.  The framers have not gotten them all in place and nailed down yet, but they are sitting on top the house near the right places.  Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of the actual crane.  I couldn't get away from work at lunch.  But pictures of the trusses are here.  It was getting cloudy while we were there so some of the pictures are a little dark.  Luckily, I don't think it ever actually rained.  Signed over the second draw check to the builder today.  He commented that this job was going smoother than most.  He probably just jinx himself though.  He is now estimating being done in September.  Said he can give us a very accurate date once the house is "blacked in".  Which means when the house is basically water tight.  Should be about four weeks until the rough-ins are done.  That's when we get to go in and pull the AV wiring.  It's going to be real fun pulling wire in the middle of July.  Guess I'll add several fans to our list of tools!

06/18/2002 - Today was another on of those days when at first it didn't look like they got too much done.  But there's more there than it first appears.  Things will start slowing down a bit now (or seem to at least.)  Pictures are here.

06/19/2002 - Looks like they spent most of the day framing in the hip ends of the main roof.  They have also started framing in the bonus room.  Pictures are here.

06/20/2002 - Things have definitely slowed down now that the majority of the framing is done and they are working on all the little details.  They finished the sheathing on the main part of the roof today.  They did a great job.  The main roof has long ridges and they got them nice and straight.  They also got a bit more done on the bonus room and the chimney extended to its full height.  It really feels like a house now that the roof is closed in.  I think our builder said windows will be delivered Monday.  He also told us he had to switch our door order from Marvin to Pella because Marvin is in Missouri and they were flooded in the spring rains.  The doors would have been back ordered for eight weeks.

06/24/2002 - You may have noticed there was no post from last Friday.  We had a minor set back.  There is a section of roof that connects the garage roof to the main roof.  The hall to the bonus room is under this roof section.  Because it is a tricky section of roof it has to be stick built on site not made of trusses.  To make matters worse, this section of roof is tucked between the garage and main roofs such that you can't see it on any of the blue print elevations to see how it is supposed to be constructed.  The architect should have done a cut-through or an overlay, but didn't.  Well, the framing crew had a hard time figuring out how it worked.  Friday they started to frame it as a 12/12 pitch like the garage (which would seem reasonable) but to do that and get the valleys right they had to move the ridge forward.  That meant the ridge was not over the hall and there was not enough room for the right-hand hall wall to be full height.  They started down the path of shortening the right-hand wall and sloping the hall ceiling, but that just got messier and messier so I think they finally gave up and quite for the day.  That evening Scott and went out there and saw what they did.  I emailed the builder that night and told him something else had to be done.  We didn't like the direction they were going.  I then sat down with the plans and started trying to figure out how that roof worked.  It was tricky, but I finally figured out it was not a 12/12 pitch, put a 10/12 pitch.  It you did that and moved the ridge back over the hall, everything lined up perfectly with the few reference points you could see on the plans.  We met with the builder Sunday out at the site and we discussed what I thought needed to be done.  I am not sure he understood what I was trying to describe at first, but eventually we worked it out.  Went out to the house today and they have fixed it and everything looks good.  They also made good progress on some other things.  The builder also said our windows have been delivered.  Probably take another day to finish the last of the roof sheathing so I would guess windows will start going in Wednesday.

Scott is in San Diego at a conference this week.  He left Sunday right after we met with the builder.  So, he will probably be checking the these web pages to see progress on the house like everyone else. (Lots!)  Pictures are here.

06/25/2002 - Luckily the rain held off today until after 5:00 so they made good progress, but boy is it storming now.  The dogs are going crazy barking at the thunder.  They have the entire roof sheathed except the back/side roof that is over the sun room.  I was a little off on my prediction yesterday.  Looks like one more day of sheathing work.  They also have to get the end walls of the bonus room framed in.  Of course they are predicting storms tomorrow and Thursday so we will have to see how it goes.  Bonus room hall roof turned out perfect as you can see in the pictures

06/27/2002 - Well, the pictures I posted tonight are actually from yesterday.  It was a friend's birthday yesterday and he had people over to watch a movie so I didn't get a chance to post anything.  Yesterday they got the roof sheathing all done and bonus room ends framed and sheathed.  It doesn't look quite as much like a barn now.  Today I forgot to take my camera so I don't have any pictures.  They spent today putting felt paper on the roof.  Got a lot of it done.  They also finished the back porch roof.  I really like it.  It will be nice having two covered porches.  Not sure they can do the front porch roof yet cause it is still not poured, but they might.  Still no windows.  Been lucky the last two days; the rain has been at night.  Unfortunately we got almost two inches.  Though I don't think it rained that much out at the lot.  But, its out of the area now and its supposed to be nice through the beginning of next week.  Be glad then they get the roof done.  Our basement is a mess.  I saw that they were down there with a squeegee trying to clean up some of it today, but there really isn't anywhere to push the water to.

06/28/2002 - Well, today will be the last post for June.  Monday I get to start a new journal page.  They did a lot of little detail work on the framing today.  I think the framing crew is about finished since they also are starting to clean things up.  There are a lot of pictures today.

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