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07/01/2002 - Lots of pictures today.  The windows have been delivered.  They haven't started to install them yet.  That will probably start tomorrow.  They finished putting the felt paper on the roof and the drop edge.  They also built soffits today.

07/02/2002 - They started installing the windows today.  Unfortunately there are quiet a few problems with the windows that will delay things a bit.  Some are the wrong type, some are missing the grids, transoms missing, etc.  But, the ones that have been installed look great!  They work great too!

07/03/2002 - More windows installed today.  They have installed all that they can.  About ten of them have to be exchanged.  Most because they are missing their grids.  They also started on the front porch roof.  Passed the 500 picture mark today.  At this rate I will have no problems making it to 1000.  Don't know if the crew will work Friday or not.  They may take a long weekend so it may be a few days before there are more pictures.  Happy birthday to my sis!  Hope everyone has a great holiday!

07/08/2002 - Hope everyone had a good Fourth.  I spent most of the time working on a model of the house.  I had done a model of my original design, but I wanted a model of the final design that's being built.  I have just a few pictures today.  Things are a bit slow now.  They worked mostly on the front porch roof today but also did a few other miscellaneous things.

07/09/2002 - It rained like crazy today.  We had two major storms go through.  While I hated for it to rain on the unfinished house again, we desperately needed the rain.  The house has felt paper on the roof, but still is not water tight.  But that is coming soon.  The builder says they will probably start on the roofing this week.  The plumber is supposed to start tomorrow to do the rough in.  Electrician is scheduled for Monday for his rough in.  And masonry is not too far off.  Couple of weeks I think Joe said.  Met with the builder and our ex-architect today to look things over.  I say, "ex-architect," because he has now retired.  He just wanted to see how things are going.  Have a few pictures from today.  There wasn't much for the framers left to do.  They finished the front porch roof and sheathing of the front foyer wall.  I guess that crew is now all done since their trailer is gone.  I have finished my model.  There are pictures of it also.

07/10/2002 - Very little done today.  But hallelujah the foundation crew is finally back to fix the out-of-square foundation wall.  I guess the builder decided to go ahead and have them pour the front porch as well.  Probably as a penalty for taking so long to get the foundation fixed.  No evidence that the plumber has started yet.

07/11/2002 - Plumbing supplies showed up today and the plumber started drilling some holes.  Fount porch and foundation fix are poured. There are pictures here.  Going to meet with the builder and the electrician Monday to do a walkthrough of where all the outlets, fixtures, and switches go.  May be only a couple of weeks until we start pulling our wiring.

07/16/2002 - Nothing going on with the house.  The plumber has not been back yet--problems with the upstairs bath that need some framing work (more on that below).  Things should pick up late this week or next week though.  The replacement windows are supposed to be here Friday.  The incorrect ones have disappeared.  The brick is supposed to show up Monday.  As I was leaving the subdivision this afternoon a dump truck was pulling in.  Looked like it had sand.  I saw it pull into our lot from my rear  view mirror.  Probably for the brick mortar.  We met with the builder and electrician yesterday.  We got our plans and the electrician's plans in sync.  We had made a few changes--moved a few switches and such.  The electrician actually had a fairly old set of plans.  Luckily the builder had a newer copy on hand the electrician could have.

We have made a change to the plans for the second floor.  We are going to enlarge the windows that are in the guest bedroom overlooking the great room and also put similar windows in the fourth bedroom.  Our architect actually gave us the idea.  He suggested just making the walls open so the bedrooms were more like lofts.   But we didn't want to do that for several reasons.  Mostly, we had visions of the dogs jumping over the edge and plummeting 18 feet.  They like to climb too much.  We were also concern about what having the second floor completely open would do to heating and cooling.  Our zone heating won't work so well if we don't have reasonably closed areas.  And finally the privacy in the bedrooms.  The think the windows will be a good compromise.  We can put blinds in them and the glass will help deaden sound between the rooms.  They look really good in my computer program walkthrough.  They make the house seem even bigger.

The builder found two problems he has to fix.  The guest bathroom is not big enough to fit the toilet and tub with the amount of space required around them for code.  So he is going to shrink one door to 28" (from 30") and move the doors and a wall slightly to make up the difference.  He also has to drop the ceiling in the theater by six inches to make room for plumbing in the master bath above it.  That's fine, six inches off of an eleven foot ceiling isn't going to hurt anything.

07/18/2002 - Finally some more work on the house.  Not much, but its something.  They worked on fixing some of the problems today, like moved the guest bath wall.  Its supposed to rain tomorrow, but the house is closed in enough that they should be able to work anyway.  Builder said our front door has arrived.  Don't know when they will put it in.

07/19/2002 - We have garage doors now and they have started on the soffits.

Had to run to the masonry place this morning.  Long ago we had picked out the brick and a colored mortar.  But when the builder ordered them yesterday, they told him they didn't think we would like the mortar color we picked with the brick.  They were right.  It did match the brick perfectly, but that was the problem; it was too close a match--it was also a special order item.  Since the time we picked it out, I have been looking at lots of brick houses and discovered that the contrast between the brick and mortar is what makes the brick look nice.  If the mortar matches the brick too much, it all bends together and doesn't look as good.  So we switched to a lighter mortar.  I am glad they said something.

Some of the new windows have arrived, and guess what.  At least two of them are wrong!!  The arch window for the foyer does not have grids.  Which means they basically sent the same window right back!  The builder knew about that.  He saw that it was wrong on the order, but it was too late to stop it.  The other one is the garage window, which now has grids, but is missing the two smaller windows that are supposed to be mulled to it.  The round windows and the small arch one for the bonus room have not showed up at all.

07/22/2002 - Well, we have gone from almost nothing happening to everything at once!  Unfortunately I don't have many pictures.  A big storm was just rolling in and we couldn't stay long this evening.  The mason, electrician, plumber, and HVAC crews are all there now as well as the guys doing the soffits and other trim.  And Joe, our builder, says they will be starting on the shingles and siding as well.  I am sure they all love having to work around each other.

Well, I was really bummed when I got to the site today.  The brick has arrive and I don't think I like it!!  I am hoping it was just the light of the storm and the fact that I couldn't get a good look at it.  I am going back out first thing tomorrow to make sure.  If it has to go back, we will be looking at a pretty big restocking fee, but I only get one shot at this house and I am not going to settle!  On a positive note, we *really* like how they are doing the brick pockets and other trim.  It looks great.

07/23/2002 - Phew! The brick is ok.  The rain last night washed all the dust off of it and now it looks tan like I expected not white.  They started in earnest laying the brick today.  Plumbing and HVAC crews also got a lot done.  Electrician was not there today.  We went out this evening and checked the location of all the electrical boxes with the plan, especially where we had made changes since the plan.  We are in pretty good shape.  I have just a few things they missed.  Lots of pictures are here.  It is supposed to be nice the rest of the week.  If they keep going like this, there will be major changes by the end of the week.

07/24/2002 - Lots more pictures today.  The masons are going to town!  Plumber has started doing the copper pipe and the electricians are back and pulling wire.  They have the second floor done and have started on the first floor.  No more HVAC work today though.  I guess they are doing tag team installing.  Need to have the builder have the electricians fix a few things.  They have pulled wires down through where the new inside windows in the guest room and bedroom number four.  And they don't have two circuits pulled to the computer room, just one.  But those are easily fixed.

07/25/2002 - Another productive day.  Today it was the electrical and HVAC guys that worked.  And of course the soffit and brick crews.  Everything is looking so good.  Electricians have fixed the few things that we pointed out to the builder.  The fireplace framing had to be moved about three inches to the left.  We had changed the plans for the built-ins that surround it, but it didn't make it to the framing crew.  Scott is off tomorrow and will be going out to talk to the plumber.  He needs to know where we want the shower heads in the master bath.

07/26/2002 - Plumber couldn't meet today, but Scott went out anyway and talked to the builder and electricians.  We had a few more corrections for them.  Scott called me a noon and asked me to come out also so we could talk about a problem with the brick.  You can read my description about this in the captions to the pictures.  Plumber and HVAC crews didn't work today.  Builder said the plumber got called to another job, done know about the HVAC crew.  Electricians made more good progress.  Soffit guys keep chugging along too.  Carpenter was also working on some inside changes, like the interior windows.

Forgot to mention in my post yesterday that last evening will went out and figured out where the monuments will go an marked them with marking paint.  Today the builder talked us into making them bigger.  He said they would look puny next too the house.  He said he would do it for no increase in cost to us.  How could we refuse.  So they will be a foot longer and maybe taller.

He have homework this weekend.  We have to decide if the front porch lights are in the right place and let the electrician know on Monday.  We are also going to go and verify everything we have picked out we still like and it all matches.  We don't want another scare like the brick.

07/29/2002 - I was surprised they got anything done today, especially outside.  We had some major rain move through.  But it must not have rained as much out there as it did in town.  The brick crew got some work done on the front of the house and the electricians made more progress inside.  Pictures are here.

We went out and rechecked all our color choices this weekend.  We did make one change.  We picked a different color for the synthetic marble for the master bath.  Its tough because we are trying to match two different tiles and the marble all by different manufactures.  Hopefully Joe has not ordered the marble yet!  I sent him an email, but I have not heard back.

07/30/2002 - Not as many pictures today.  They have just started on the siding and shingles.  Other than that, the electrician and masons make steady progress.  Haven't seen any sign that the plumber or HVAC crews have been back.  They may have all gotten frustrated trying to work at the same time.

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