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01/01/2003 - Even though lots of details are being worked on, there are only a few pictures this time.  Of course the Holidays delayed things a bit.  We ended up delaying the closing until January 3rd and moving won't happen 'til January 5th.  This gave the builder a little extra time to get things wrapped up.  Besides we got 6" of snow on Christmas eve and it was still quite icy at the house on the 29th.  Things seem to be coming together now though.  I was out at the house on the 30th.  The geothermal ground loop was being filled and connected to the heat pump, though they have been having problems getting the zone controller to work right.  Most of the finish plumbing fixtures are now in and I could see that the plumber had tested most of them.  The painters were there working--still quite a bit of painting to finish--and someone was doing the last of the drywall patching.  Electrician still has things to do--mostly outside--but its pretty wet and nasty out so I can understand why it hasn't been done.  The propane was also being connected to the house.   I haven't been back since Monday; been busy packing which has taken a lot more work than I expected.  But it should make moving a lot easier.  Will be going back out tomorrow to meet with someone to have a fence installed.  We'll see how things look.  Still have to meet with our insurance guy to get coverage for the house.  We have to have that to close.  Sure hope he calls and can meet tomorrow.  Also need to go through the final walk-through with the builder.  That will probably be Friday morning.

01/03/2003 -  These are the pictures from the final walk through of the house.  All ready for us to move in.  It will never look this empty (or new) again!

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