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12/02/2002 - Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving.  Just a few pictures today.  Lots of things are going on, but with all the detail work, there aren't a lot of big changes to take pictures of now.  The trim is almost done.  Just some stray pieces to be installed here and there and the special curved pieces for the arched and round windows; they are being made right now.  The first floor stairs are done and the carpenter should be starting on the basement steps (they are much simpler!)   Big thing happening now is painting.

The guy who was installing our cabinets fell and broke his shoulder so the builder had to find a new carpenter.  Lucky he found someone who was available on short notice.  They decided to completely remove and re-install all the upper cabinets in the kitchen.  Our builder was not satisfied with the quality of the work.  I didn't notice the problems at first, but once he started to point them out, I could see what he meant.  Things didn't line up in some placed and there were gaps and bad cuts.  The new cabinet guy already has them back up and they look better.

We now have a closing date!  Dec 27, 1:30 PM the house will become ours.  Hopefully!  I say hopefully because there is still lots to do and only three weeks and a few days left.  But, our builder ensures us it will be done.

12/03/2002 - Details, details, details!  From here on out that's all there is to do is tons of detail work.  I actually have quite a few pictures today.  We went out a lunch today to look at granite for the kitchen island counter top.  We went to a different place than we did many months ago. (Actually now that I think about it, that was over a year ago.)  We had to drive to another county, but the woman we spoke to was very nice and they are much less expensive, especially if we pick a granite they have on site.  They can also have the top made by next week which is good since we have a deadline now.   Now we just have to pick which granite we want.  We also need to get our refrigerator ordered right away.  I asked the builder to move the island in the kitchen a little and he wants to put the refrigerator in before he re-installs it.  Which makes a lot of sense.

12/04/2002 - Just a few pictures today.  I had to go out a little early and they were still working.  Went out to re-measure the kitchen island one last time before I ordered the granite.  I added a scan of the granite we picked to the colors page (its beside the kitchen counter sample).  Going to a dinner tonight for a co-worker who is leaving for a job in Chicago.  After that we may go order our refrigerator.

12/05/2002 - Things keep moving along.  I think we are on schedule for Dec 27.  Still lots of details to go though.  I was out at the house at lunch and the HVAC guys showed up.  They had made a discovery about the furnace and wanted to let me know about it.  When they opened it up to wire the geothermal pump, they discovered that because it is a commercial unit, it needs 3-phase electric.  Of course we have normal, residential 220 lines which are single-phase.  So, we are now the proud  owners of two phase converters that will change the single-phase to 3-phase.  (I don't remember why we needed two of them.)  The HVAC guys were not happy because the salesman for the furnace did not tell them about this fact.  But, they said they would eat the cost of the converters.  Unfortunately, phase converters are like transformers and they loose a little power in the conversion.  Hopefully the geothermal will more than make up for it!  Anyway, we don't have much choice.  We certainly don't want to pay the electric company to run 3-phase to the house, if they even would.  Pictures are here.

12/08/2002 - Lots of pictures today that were taken over the past two days.  Went out yesterday and installed that black corrugated plastic pipe on the downspouts.  I want to make sure water stays well away from the foundation.  I also finished installing the conduit and boxes for the low-voltage wiring on the deck, though I forgot to take a picture of what I did.  Today we need to take the oven and dishwasher out to the new house.  We got the refrigerator ordered Thursday night.  It will be delivered straight to the new house.

12/11/2002 - Few pictures today.  We took the oven and dishwasher out to the house on Sunday.  Last night, we meet with the builder to sign the preliminary settlement statement; it's the total cost of the house that we will use for closing.  If anything else comes up from now 'til then, we will pay the builder directly.  But, I think at this point everything should be covered.  This morning I took it too the bank so they can get going on all the closing papers.  Electrician is back doing some work, but right now the painters getting done and cabinet pieces that haven't arrived are holding things up some.  Our builder said they were supposed to start the carpet today but they didn't, not sure why.

12/14/2002 - The pictures for today were taken over the past three days so there are quite a few.  Didn't get a chance to post them until now because I have been getting my Christmas shopping done.  Ton's of things going on at the house in the rush to get it done for closing.  But there is still tons to do.  We went out to the house today and did our first punch list for the builder of things that need to be fixed.  Not too many since we have been following the process so closely and getting things fixed along the way.  We will go through another final walk through closer to closing.  Tomorrow we go and get all our stuff--mostly boxes--out of storage.  I am now off of work until Jan 6 so packing starts in earnest on Monday.

12/19/2002 - Been too busy packing and running all over the place to get a journal entry done, but here it is finally.  There are pictures from the past several days.  Things slowed down a little bit.  Our builder had two houses get done at nearly the same time, ours and Christie Curries (Purdue Women's Basketball Head Coach).  Christie's move-in date was today so all the workers were at her house trying to get it done.  But they are now getting back to work on ours.  HVAC guys worked all day yesterday and today trying to get "The Beast" working.  It is now running from the thermostat, but still only using electric heat.  The group that is doing the loop has to come from out of town and they were missing a part so the loop won't be connected until tomorrow.  Everything else with the HVAC is pretty much done.  They were pulling the last propane line when I was there is evening.

The plumber has been back and has most everything done he can.  The counters are not in the kitchen or laundry rooms yet so those sink can't go in.  The powder room sink had to be re-ordered so its not in yet.  It was ordered with for 8" centers and needed to be 4".  That was my fault.  I thought the faucet that was spec'ed was 8".  The master bath shower fixtures were also ordered wrong.  They are all brass and should have been chrome with brass accents.  That one was the plumbers mistake.

Electricians are getting the last of the outlets and fixtures installed.  They worked today some.

The cabinet installer pretty much has the kitchen done.  He was working on moving the island when I was there.  Hopefully the counters will go in tomorrow so the plumber can continue and the appliances can go in.  The refrigerator was delivered today so they are all there now.

I rented a U-Haul yesterday for the 29th.  Glad I decided to stop in and do that on the way to bank yesterday.  They only had one left and it was available only on the 29th.  So we will need to get moved in one day.  I think we can.  We should have quite a bit of help.  I also got the insurance in the works for the new house.  We need it to be able to close.  I haven't heard from the bank that there is a problem closing on the 27th so I guess we are still on.

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