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08/01/2002 - Well, another month has gone by.  Time to start a new journal page.  Didn't get around to posting an entry last night.  So tonight I have pictures from yesterday and today.  Last night we were at the house until about 8:30.  We walked through all the electrical circuits the electrician has installed and made sure they were right.  Only found two small problems.  We also had to decide on what we are going to do for a generator for the house.  Being on county cooperative power we are likely to have quite a few power outages.  We spend some time tonight finalizing what we wanted.  We are going to eventually get a propane-powered, whole-house generator somewhere between 20-35 kilowatts.  Contrary to the name it won't really power the whole house.  But will keep the essentials running: HVAC, well pump, refrigerator and freezer and some lights and outlets.  It will have automatic cut over so within about 10 seconds of the power going down the generator will kick in.  When the power comes back, the generator will shut off.  Right now we just need to electrician to set things up to make it easy to install later.

08/06/2002 - Hasn't been a lot to take pictures of until today.  The electricians have been working hard, but you can only take so many pictures of electrical boxes.  They should be done this week.  They are finishing the basement now.  All that's left after that is to hook everything to the panels and put in the breakers.  The masons finally got caught by the windows not being done so they could not work Friday or most of yesterday.  But, all the windows are now in (yeah!) and the masons are back to work.  The roofers are moving slowly.  Because of the heat they have only been working in the evenings.  It has been awful here!  Siding crew is also moving a bit slow, but I think they are also doing the frieze work and window trim.  Scott and I went out Saturday and installed all the electrical boxes on the first and second floor for the low voltage wiring.  I am taking Thursday and Friday off to put the boxes in the basement, figure our wiring paths, and drill holes.  This weekend we will pull the wiring along with some help from co-workers.  I bribed them with a home-cooked rib dinner.  Hopefully we will get it all done.  If not, we will be working during the evenings over the next week.

08/08/2002 - Have a few more pictures today.  Both the mason and electrician are done with their first round of work.  Mason will be back to do the front porch and monuments at some point.  Electricians will be back next once the heat pump is installed so they can wire it.  I worked out at the house all day today marking cable runs and drilling holes.  Found out our drill won't drive an auger bit, at least not through 3 two by fours at once.  It also struggles with the hole saw.  So, I went out a bought a right-angle drill this evening.  Tried to rent one, but they didn't have any at this store.  It would have to come from Indy and that would be too late.  I'll be out there again tomorrow drilling more holes.

08/10/2002 - Well, third day for me working out at the house putting in the low-voltage wiring.  I worked Thursday and Friday.  Not sure I have another day in me, but I will try tomorrow.  Today Scott also worked and we had help from some co-workers.  Man what  job.  Worst part is drilling 2" holes in the joists with a hole saw.  You would think it would be fairly easy cutting through about 3/8" inches of OSB.  We have more to do tomorrow.  But hopefully we will have more help.  We only got about 16 cables pulled out of 202, but they are the longest runs.  As they get shorter, they will also get faster to pull.

08/15/2002 - Phew!  Finally able to get some more pictures taken and do a post to the journal.  I am totally beat.  I have worked every night this week at the house pulling wire.  I feel like I am working two jobs.  We have only about a third of the wire pulled.  Fortunately, the pulls are starting to go faster as they get shorter.  I am going to owe my co-workers a lot for helping out.  They have started on the deck.  Our builder is not to thrilled with the deck material we picked.  Its a plastic decking and it is a little tricky to install.  It expands and contracts and lot with temperature so they have to get the spacing correct.  It also cannot be ripped so the deck dimensions have to be pretty exact.  They haven't actually started installing it yet; they are still working on the substructure.  I don't think it will be as bad as they think.  Anyway, we have not found anything that looks as good so we are going for it.  Plumber is finally back and working on various things.  The roofers continue to make very slow progress but their getting there.  HVAC guy has not been back yet so so far we are not holding anything up by not having the wiring done.  Hopefully we will finish this weekend, but it may take another week.

08/22/2002 - We have all the wire pulled!  Worked all last weekend, then finished up Tuesday night.  Rested last night.  Will be going back tomorrow night for a few miscellaneous things then this weekend we will be doing the finish work: nailing everything down, making sure its stuffed in the boxes, putting in some conduit, tying all the bundles up, etc.  Went to the masonry store today and ordered the stone plaques that will be set in the monuments by the drive way.  I scanned the template of what they will look like and its in the pictures.  Only a few pictures today.  Not much changed that's worth taking a picture of right now.  The roofers did a lot yesterday.  They may actually get a roof installed one day.  They are supposed to start putting in the insulation on Monday.

08/26/2002 - We are now about 99.9% done with the wiring.  We tried really hard to get done this weekend, but after two full days at 5:15 PM on Sunday we just didn't have anymore energy and had to quit.  I am going to take off Wednesday and we are going to finish up.  Don't want to have to work another weekend, especially since it is my birthday (and the first Purdue football game of the season!).  This evening I took about 120 pictures.  One of almost every open wall in the house.  I want to document what is in the walls before they close them up.  Good thing I got out there too, because they started the insulation today so some of the walls were already filled in.  Of course I am not going to post all 120 pictures.  I picked out a hand full that show both the insulation and some of the wiring we did.  Roofers all of a sudden got their butts in gear--they were there all day Sunday working with us--and now the roof is almost done.  They just need to put all the ridge shingles on and do misc clean up.  Hopefully that will happen in the next couple of days.  Don't want any rain getting in now that the insulation has started.  They made incredible progress with the insulation.  They will probably be done in just a couple of days.  Drywall should be next.  That is, of course, if the HVAC guy ever comes back and finishes his rough-in.

08/27/2002 - More progress today.  Insulation crew has most of the insulation in and are working on the vapor barrier.  Roofing crew was back and have most of the ridges done now.  They have a few ridge vents to cover in shingles still then just little detail work like shingles on the soffit returns.  Only have a few pictures today because I only had an 8 meg memory card left and I had to finish some of the wiring pictures.  But those are all done and written to CD now so I can clear my cards and take more pictures tomorrow.  We went out and bought a dehumidifier tonight.  Now that the house is weather tight, we are going to get the basement dried out really good and clean up the bit of mold and mildew that had started to grow.  That's one of the items for tomorrow along with finishing up the last of the wiring.

08/28/2002 - WE ARE DONE! (at least for now).  We went out today and finished the last few details we had to do for the wiring.  Luckily, Scott remembered we had not pulled a wire to the outside of the house for phone so we did that.  We now get a much needed break.  Then we have to go back and install window and door sensors.   But, we don't have to do that until they are near ready to put in window casings.  We also cleaned up the mold in the basement.  Builder came out while we were there and we went over a few details.  Turns out we will have a four-season porch not a three-season porch; it will have heat and AC.  Fine with us.  He also said he would get fans and a dehumidifier out to dry out the basement--they were there an hour later!  We went from very little happening on the house to a flurry of activity today.  The roofers were back.  They are nearly finished.  They can't finish the front porch roof completely until the mason is back.  But the house should now be weather tight.  HVAC crew is back and working.  They put in more ductwork today.  They will be doing LP gas lines tomorrow.  Insulation crew finished up what they could do this morning.  And, a crew was out leveling the gravel for the deck.  Our builder said the mason should be back tomorrow to finish the rest of the brick.  Drywall could start as early as next week.  Though the rough in inspection has to happen first and there may be some things the electrician has to do before that.  We have a hold up with our furnace.  Geothermal heat pumps are apparently way backordered.  Ours is not schedule to be delivered until after Sept 13.  The special crew that will do the ground loop for the geothermal is supposed to be there tomorrow though to scout out where the loop will go.  Scott is on vacation this week so is going to go out and tell them where we want it.  There are a few pictures here.

08/29/2002 - Mostly HVAC work today.  They put in some propane pipes and the thermostat wires.  Deck crew put in a few railing supports but that's about it.

08/30/2002 - HVAC crew continues to work.  Plumber was back to finish up the rough-in for the master bath.  He needs to get this done so they can put in the dropped ceiling in there before the drywall.  Electrician was also back and out in the floor outlets in the great room.  There are pictures here.

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