Shower Trim

The trim has been installed around the shower. It finished it off quite nicely.

Cabinet Floor Trim

They installed the same trim at the base of the kitchen cabinets as the rest of the house.


The basement stairs have been stained. They still need to do some painting.

Basement Bath

The cabinet for the basement bath has been installed.

Basement Bath

This is the next day. They now have the counter top on. You can also see they cut out a place for the vent since the duct ended up under the cabinet.

Great Room Built-Ins

These are the bases for the built-ins for the great room.

Great Room Built-Ins

Close up of the base tops. The counter top has been laminated onto the top.

Front Door

They have installed the trim around the outside of the front door. The painter talked to me about what color it is supposed to be so I guess they will be finishing it soon.

Crawl Space Well

This is the window well for the crawl space access. The builder ordered an extra large one since we will be using it as fire egress.

Closet Doors

Most of the closet doors have been painted and are now installed.


HAVC crew is back and have installed most of the vent covers. These are the ceiling ones in the upstairs bedroom.


The thermostats have been installed, though they are not working yet.

Guest Bath

The counter has been installed in the guest bathroom. We are really pleased with how well it matches the floor tile.

Attic Access

They have the attic access door all done in the bonus room.

Master Bath Partition Wall

They had to raise the height of this partition wall in the master bath. The outlet would not fit. It was our fault really. We got kitchen-height cabinets for the bathrooms rather than standard bathroom-height which are lower.


They started to finish the stairs on Saturday. Wow! They look incredible.


There will be a carpet runner up the middle of the stairs.


The newel posts have been stained and varnished, but the rail hasn't been varnished yet. And obviously the balusters haven't been painted yet.

Great Room Built-ins

The cabinet maker worked on Saturday installing the built-ins in the great room. You can see he has the base units in and one of the uppers.

Library Shelves

He also got the library shelves all trimmed out. The only thing left to do to them is the crown molding.

Library Shelves

Theater Step

They finally got the decking back down on the theater step. It had to be taken off for a while when we where working to get all the water out of the basement. (The drain is under the step.)

Geothermal Pump

I think this is our geothermal loop pump.