Great Room Builts-ins

The built-ins in the great room are basically done now. Just a few fit-and-finish things to do. You can also see that the fireplace surround and mantle are part of the built-ins. The installer did an excellent job.

The Beast

It gets bigger still. Luckily, I think it is now done growing. This a from Wednesday. The electricians and HVAC guys are now trying to get it hooked up and working.


The specially made curved moulding has been delivered.

Masterbath Shower

The shower marble is basically done. Mostly just caulking to go I think. You can see the seat that they added.

Masterbath Shower

This is from inside the shower looking out. That's a foot stool on this side so that you can put your foot on it when you are drying off.

Propane tank

The propane tank was delivered and the pipe run to the house. Its way out there so it will be on the otherside of the fence whenever the fence is installed.

Master Bath Faucets

The faucets are installed in most of the bathrooms now. These are in the master bathroom. They also have all the drains connected.

Whirl Pool Faucet

That's one big spout!

Powder Room Toilet

The toilet has been installed in the powder room. The one in the master bath is also in but I forgot to take a picture of it. The sink isn't in yet because it had to be re-ordered. It was ordered for a 8" facet and needed to be 4".

Basement Stair Rail

I like the return detail on the ends.

Propane Lines

This picture shows several things (see blue arrows). The orange tubes are the propane lines. The thick black tubes are the geothermal loop. The white box with the brass round things in the pump for the loop.

Basment Bath Faucet


This is the first good rain we have had in a long time. It has caused quite a bit of settling around the septic tank.