Plumbing Fixtures

The plumbing fixtures were delivered on Wednesday.


Carpet also arrived on Wednesday. They got the pad down in all the rooms expect the master bedroom. They can't work in there because they are working on the marble for the shower.


They also got the carpet laid out in some of the rooms. This is the game room in the basement.

Basement Bath

The toilet in the basement bath has been installed.

Master Bath Shower

They are putting in the synthetic marble in the master bath shower. The boards are supporting it while the glue sets.

Master Bath Shower

I took this picture to show how well the marble matches the tile. However, in the picture they don't look like they match at all! They look much better in real life.


Carpet laid out in the third bedroom.

Guest Bath

The sink and facet have been installed in the guest bathroom.

Guest Bath

The toilet is also installed.

Bonus Room

Carpet laid out in the bonus room.

Door Hardware

The door hardware is starting to be installed here and there as the workers have time.

Crawlspace Well

The well for the crawlspace access has been installed. It doesn't look as big now.


The side porch column has been installed.

Whirl-pool tub

This is now on Thursday. The marble for the Whirl pool tub has been installed. It looks fantastic!

Master Bath Shower

More of the shower marble is now done.

Master Bath Shower

This is from inside the shower looking back at the partition wall.


On Friday, they had all the carpet done except the master bedroom. They still can't get in there because of the marble work.


This is the guest bedroom.

Phase Converters

The phase converters for "The Beast" are being installed.


And, "The Beasts" tenticles continue to grow. The HVAC crew is finally back and finishing the duct work. These are the ducts from the theater.


The basement stairs.


Game room in the basement. This carpet actually has quite a bit of blue in it. But, the color of the walls and the incandesent lights wash out most of the blue. It still looks good.


Sunroom. We were a little concerned that this carpet would be dark. But it turned out great.

Great Room Built-ins

On Saturday, the cabinet maker was back and working on the built-ins. He will also do the mantel and surround for the fireplace.

Library Shelves

Library shelves are now completely done. The crown molding and rope trim look great.

Down Spouts

This is the coregated tubing we attached to the down spouts. Eventually they will be hidden by land scaping.