Water Heaters

Our hot water heaters. Even though they are gas, they have plugs. They are the super high effeciency ones so they have powered exhaust fans. They probably also have electronic ignitions rather than pilot lights.

Sump Pump

We have a sump pump now. Its connected to the septic system which normally would not be good. But, its not a real sump pit. The drain tiles don't connect to it; they drain straight out to the ravine. All that will go into the sump pit is condensation from the AC, maybe the water softener.

Effluent Pump

The effluent pump is also in. That's the pump that pushes waste water up from the basement bath to the septic system.

Kitchen Cabinets

The new guy--who happens to be named Gary--is doing a great job on the kitchen cabinets and is moving much quicker than the original guy.

Kitchen Cabinets

This is the back of the kitchen cabinets. They look much better now. He's putting a lot of work into the details of the trim.

Kitchen Cabinets

This is a close up of the trim at the bottom of the cabinets. You can see how he is putting returns on the ends of the under-cabinet trim and using scribe molding around everything. The few places where bare wood is peeking out will be covered when he fills in all the nail holes and such.

Bulter's Pantry

The butler's pantry cabinets are basically done including all the trim. You can now see how the crown molding and under-cabinet trim will look, including the rope detail in the crown. Looks great!

Dining Room Chair Rail

They are starting on the dining room chair rail. They will be putting faux wainscoting under it.

Pantry Doors

The louvered pantry doors are in. They just need to be painted.

Laundry Cabinets

The laundry lazy susan has been boxed in now. I think this room is ready for the counter top. Pedro--one of Joe's workers--was asking me about the position of the handles so I assume they will be done, probably tomorrow.

Synthetic Marble

The marble for the master bath shower is now sitting in the garage.

Counter Tops

The counter tops have been delivered. At least some of them. I think some of the kitchen tops have yet to arrive. I didn't see enough of it. The blue you see in front is the laundry counter tops.

Counter Tops

These are the back splashes for the counters. You can see all the colors here--though they don't look quite right in the picture. From left to right they are: the kitchen (its really not that red), the powder room (I love the slate texture this has), the guest bath, and you can see the edge of the blue laundry counter top.


This is the column for the side porch--sticking out of the box to the right. The base and top of it are sitting on top of the box.


These are the glass panes for the "windows" in the two upstairs bedrooms that overlook the great room. Interesting how glass looks so green when you get lots of layers of it.

Closet Doors

These are the closet doors all lined up here like dominos. They were just painted.

Sunroom Windows

I wanted to take this picture of the sunroom windows to show how they trimed them. They made it look like the three windows are one large window. They have a common sill and an outside frame, then wide mulling between them. It looks really good. The guy doing the trim has done such a great job!

Stain matching

These are the samples the painter did for us to verify matching the stain for the stairs to the cabinets. They match better than they look in the picture. The pieces of the cabinets are to the left for the dark stain (the piece of crown molding) and on the right for the light stain. Considering the cabinets are maple bases and cherry crowns and the stairs are oak, they did about as good as they could matching the colors.