Front Porch

The front porch has been poured. The black plastic is protecting the brick.

Back Porch

Back porch has also been poured.


They have started to work on the deck. It is massive. We have more square feet of deck that our entire first apartment had. Looks really cool though. The pictures don't really do it justice the way it juts out over the hollow.


View from the great room door.


View out the master bedroom door. The hot tub will be right out there one day.

Whirl Pool Tub

The plumber has started installing the whirl pool tub. The motor ended up on the wrong side, so the access door will need to be in the theater ceiling, but it ends up behind the screen so that's no problem.

Master Bath Shower

Now is that a complex mess of plumbing for just a shower or what! There is a regular shower head, a hand held head, four body sprays, and the two control knobs for them all.

Low-voltage Wiring

This is some of the low-voltage wiring we are pulling.

Low-voltage Wiring

This big bundle in the media room is less than a third of the total wire that will eventually be pulled.

Kitchen Wall

They have the kitchen partitian wall up. The cabinets will be on the other side of it. This is from the great room.


The siding is all done. This is from the garage side. The big dumpster in now in the front yard so you can get a good view from the side.

Monument Foundation

They have poured the foundations for the monuments that sit on each side of the garage.

Rear of House

Here is a good shot of the finished siding on the back of the house. You can also see the deck framing.