HVAC crew install some more of the flexible duct for the upstairs room and these two huge ducts from the second floor to the basement (marked with arrow).


Group of guys got out today and leveled out all the gravel under the deck. They installed a 2x8 near ground level (marked with arror) to keep the gravel from coming out from under the deck since it is on quite a hill. This picture is from the great room door.


Another picture of the deck. This is from the master suite door. In this one you can see the conduit we installed for the wiring that runs out to the deck (marked with arrow).


Took this to show the roof details. They did a good job. They covered the metal flashing that is along that short wall with more shingles so it looks nice.

Low-voltage Wiring

Our wiring bundles all nice and wrapped in plastic to protect them from the drywallers.


Roofers now have everything done except for some details on the front porch. They can't do those until the masons are back and finish the front porch.


Don't think I ever took a picture of the monument foundations once they were poured so here's one.