Propane Lines

HVAC crew installed the propane line to the deck today (see blue arrow). They needed to get that done so they don't hold up the decking crew installing the deck boards.

Propane Lines

This is the propane line to the fireplace (blue arrow) from the basement. Since it does not go outside, it is just a heavy flexible tube.

Thermostat Wires

They also installed the thermostat wires to the four thermostat locations. This is the one in the great room. Unfortunately, they didn't get them quite close enough to some of our wires so one of the two will need to be moved a little.

Return Air Ducts

They cut openings for the return air ducts in the great room and Library. This is the great room side. The library is almost opposite it.


The great octopus! They have all the upstairs ducts tied to the two big metal ducts they put in yesterday.