Window Trim

They have the trim around the nook windows done. Looks very nice.


The siding on this side of the house is basically done.


Siding on the front of the garage is also done. The dark wood around the doors will be wrapped with aluminum.

Window Trim

They also have the window trim on the master bedroom window done. I think finishing the frieze above the great room windows on the back of the house is all they have left to do.

Electrical Panels

These are our electrical panels with some big honken cables coming in from the meter.

Electrical Panel

This is the sub-panel that is in the basement. They installed it so they would not have to run all the cables back to the garage.

Side Porch

The side porch is now filled with pea fill and the vapor barrier installed ready for the concrete to be poured. That may happen tomorrow.

Front Porch

Front porch is also ready to be poured.


They finally have all the windows in so the brick crew can finish the garage wall. The finish work on the window looks pretty good. There is one section that is crooked. We have asked the builder to get it fixed.

House Front

Now that all the scafolding is out of the way you can get a good look at the front of the house.