Most of the front of the house is done now. Don't know why they are waiting on the jut outs. Maybe they arn't brick. Not sure. Front looks really good though.


Some more roofing work.

Window Trim

I think the siding crew is also doing the window trim. They started putting up the boards that will be wrapped with aluminum.


Fixture box in the soffit for the garage floods.


This was a big surprise when I got there this evening. Wasn't expecting to see the fireplace.

Window Trim

Next day, and the window trim is now wrapped. They did a really good job. Unfortunately the sun was just at the right angle so it was hard to get a good picture.


Siding is starting to go up. Due to a snafu with the order we switched to 4/4 siding instead of 5/5. We would have had to wait a week for the 5/5 to come in. Now that I see it, I think I like the 4/4 better anyway.


Because I am always there in the evening and the roofers started in the east side of the house, this is the first shot where I could see some of the shingles in the sun. They are a little darker than I wanted, but they don't look bad.