Front Porch Pillars

These are the steel supports that will be inside the brick columns that hold up the front porch roof.

Garage Doors

They have wrapped the trim around the garage doors. It looks really good.


I found out what was holding up the siding. They needed to know where the deck would be. I told them where I wanted it. You can see where bottom of the siding is now. The sheathing below that will be covered with metal flashing and the deck boards bolted to it. There will be about a four inch step down from the doors.

Window Trim

The frieze above the great room windows is done. It turned out nice since it lined up just right with the arches.


A little more siding work on this side too.


The masons are now done with their first round. They will be back to do the front porch and monuments. Garage front truned out nice.